Visita in cantina e pranzo-degustazione


an hour to learn to understand the wines of the Langa del Barolo and its most representative typical products.
A hint of dried fruit ... aromas of vanilla in barrique wines ... spicy and under the forest ... we reveal the art of tasting by learning about the descriptors of wine and the products that accompany it live.
The peculiarity of this sensory journey, which can also be purchased as part of the visit package to the Germano Angelo Winery, is the analysis of the wines with their parameters and a careful organoleptic analysis of the cheeses, cured meats, and other specialties in combination.
A description is a term used to describe a flavor or taste: floral, fruity, spicy, etc. The fruit, flowers, and spices that are mainly perceived in our wines will be available, in a site ampoules, to be smelled, memorized, and finally compared to the wine, thus giving the possibility to create a really basic sensory vocabulary, making try it live.
For cheeses, cured meats, and more, in addition to the visual analysis, the tactile quality should not be underestimated, both in consistency and in the mouth, as well as the various persistence of the ingredients on the palate. The references to the various production methods and the history of the product are also very interesting.
For the pairing between food and wine, the participant is invited to create a map of various senses to create a real sensorial profile, an excellent tool to really understand which elements of the elements harmonize tastes.
This experience cannot be missed by those who love good food as well as those who already have an olfactory vocabulary linked to the world of wine but want to deepen their knowledge of fine Piedmontese wines and analyze an interesting approach to combinations with food.
An experience of great value for the knowledge of wine and its combinations.
The experience lasts about an hour and is offered every two hours from 11:00 to 17:00 from April to November, so it is very convenient to participate during a relaxing day or weekend in the magnificent Langhe.
Departure times: 11:00 - 12:30 - 15:00 - 17:00
Available days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
During the shifts of 11: 00/15: 00/17: 00, 5 different wines will be tasted, 3 of which are Barolos:
5 wines € 45.00
1) Still white - Langhe Chardonnay Zoi + semi-cured cheese and jam or honey
2) Red still - Barbera d'Alba La Soleggiata + aged cheese and jam or honey
3) Red for aging - Traditional Barolo Trevigneti (large barrel only) + salami and fermented or pickled
4) Red for aging - Barolo Cru single vineyard (small barrel tonneaux or barriques) + salami and butter sandwiches
5) Fortified dessert wine - Barolo Chinato Gatorosso + typical dessert
During the 12:30 shift (light lunch) 5 different wines will be tasted, 3 of which are Barolos, and 4 courses.
5 wines € 65.00
1) Still white - Langhe Chardonnay Zoi + appetizer
2) Still red - Barbera d'Alba La Soleggiata + first
3) and 4) Reds for aging: Traditional Barolo Trevigneti (large barrel only) and Barolo cru single vineyard + second
5) Fortified dessert wine - Barolo Chinato Gatorosso + desert
Each wine is paired with the tasting of a typical product of the area whose history, production, and organoleptic characteristics will be told.
During the tasting, a sensorial profile will be created for each product tasted, its accompaniment (jam, honey, pickles, etc.), and the paired wine.
The course at 12:30, falling during lunchtime, includes real dishes and can cover the need for a light lunch.
The typical Piedmontese products and in particular of the Langhe are many and may change according to the season, in principle they will be d.o.p. cheeses. representative, special cured meats and preparations such as jams, appetizers, and typical sweets, prepared directly by us or by the farms we collaborate with.
The tastings can be requested in the vegetarian or vegan variant.
For those who do not want to drink alcohol, we have a version of combining typical products with non-alcoholic beverages of our products based on aromatic herbs and fruit. Even if there is a non-alcoholic proposal, do not host the experience for children under the age of 10 because they may not fully enjoy the course which still needs attention for about an hour, however, there is no ban and we will be very happy to have those curious and eager to learn children with us.
The course is held in one of the most historic places in the center of Barolo, or in the former social cellar, which later became the cellar of Germano Angelo and, now renovated, the headquarters of the Bosco delle Galline Volanti, a multifaceted company
€ 45.00 per person tasting of 5 wines and 5 products
€ 35.00 per person tasting of soft drinks and 5 products
Light lunch:
€ 65.00 per person tasting of 5 wines and 4 courses
€ 45.00 per person tasting of soft drinks and 4 courses
Our gift voucher does not expire !! This is because we care that people have the maximum flexibility to be able to take advantage of this beautiful experience by planning their visit in the most comfortable way possible according to their needs.
By clicking on the buttons below, a purchase page divided into steps will open which, with a few simple clicks, will allow you to better customize your gift voucher, once purchased (by credit card or bank transfer) the voucher will arrive immediately. automatically via email. We remind you that the voucher does not expire.
In the purchase form you can report any allergies or intolerances, if you prefer vegetarian or vegan tastings, you can insert a phrase of good wishes for those who receive the gift and add a small gift that will be delivered at the time of participation in the course.
In the form "Participant information" you can enter the data of the free gifts and in the form "Information responsible for the payment" those of the person who is buying it. If you do not have all the names and surnames of the participants, you can repeat the same name as the first.
Of course, in fact, for an even more complete experience, we also suggest combining a visit to the cellar with lunch.
The package with lunch includes a visit to the production and aging rooms, a walk in the "Giachini" vineyard, historic cru of the Annunziata and the sensorial course tasting of their wines within lunch, or a choice of traditional Piedmontese dishes ancient and modern to discover the best combinations with each wine.
The Germano Angelo winery is one of the historic cellars of Barolo and one of the most representative for the history of this territory, in fact, Teobaldo Germano was, at the beginning of the 20th century, the founder and first director of the Sociale di Barolo winery, while his nephew Davide Germano founded the Consortium for the Protection of Barolo and Barbaresco in 1934.
Discover the history of the Germano Angelo winery.
The tastings of typical products, prepared with fresh products from the Bosco delle Galline Volanti farm and other local farms make the tasting particularly authentic and with an eye to km0.
Giving a wine tasting in Barolo is a gift for the body and soul.
Often when the time comes to choose a gift (for friends or for a loved one or for a bride and groom or an anniversary), the problem is that people are already full of more or less useful objects and therefore, unless the recipient does not have a concrete need that you are aware of, it becomes very complicated to choose the right gift.
Giving an experience instead, as our proposal for a sensory tasting course can be, really allows you to donate something that will remain forever in the memory of those who receive it. The experience allows you to enrich your wealth of knowledge and allows you to spend time immersed in one of the most picturesque landscapes in Italy, the Langhe, or rather the heart of the Langhe, the Barolo area, tasting wines and typical products that envy the whole world.
It is a gift for the soul and the body. It is a thought that will be combined with a day if not an entire weekend. And whoever gives the gift will be associated with that special moment, with a memory in the heart of emotions, discovery, scents, colors and flavors.
There is no need to be a wine connoisseur or aficionado, the tasting is still interesting to discover a millenary culture.
If you also want to give an overnight stay as a gift for a more complete experience, you can buy it separately by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Event Information

Event Date To be confirmed
Individual Price 45.00€
Location the ex Cooperative Winery of Barolo