Visita in cantina e pranzo-degustazione

Visita in cantina e pranzo-degustazione

The food forest and the pond with ducks and chickens

In the food-forest we have planted some forgotten fruit trees such as puciu (Germanic medlar) and blackberry mulberry growing near quince and berry bushes, where there is a small pond in which the nice running ducks wallow and coexist peacefully with the laying hens. Close to the pond, on the south side, we have built a large spiral of aromatic herbs which enhances, thanks to its height (2 meters) and length (5 meters), its function of creating different micro ecosystems depending on whether the herbs are planted in the different cardinal points and the beauty is that you can climb up to admire the landscape from a different point of view. The food forest hosts the hen house of our hens who, if they don't fly, at least flutter from one point of the lawn to another and, if they like, can sleep on the branches of trees.

Garden area and synergistic benches

Adjacent to the food forest there is the vegetable garden where the many types of vegetables, herbs and flowers alternate thanks to the principles of synergistic agriculture and associations. Here, too, there is no shortage of fruit trees, blackberry bushes, raspberries, gooseberries and table grapes and two rows of rose muscata centifoglia that we use to make rose compote and syrup with which we garnish the farm ice cream.
The gardens are divided into several areas, the most "ancient" in which & nbsp; there are the classic "trunks" or the synergistic benches are two and they are I BANCALI DEL SOLE , arranged in a sunburst so as to form a small natural amphitheater where, in the summer we organize small events and hosting annual and some perennial vegetables and FLYING BENCHES which instead follow the slope of the hill as if they were isoipse , these are dedicated to the most different aromatic sorrel to helichrysum, from hyssop to tarragon, from tansy to chives and many others.

The greenhouse of edible flowers

There is also a greenhouse used mainly for some delicate herbs such as basil and edible or edible flowers which, thanks to the greenhouse, can grow perennial.

Then there are 3 other areas cultivated with vegetables that we use in rotation in order not to have some types of vegetables that are particularly demanding or that can accumulate pathologies in the soil on the same land for two years.

The path of intertwined willows

On the opposite side of the food forest, after the greenhouse, there is a "tunnel" of willows or a path created by intertwining the live branches of the willows at the foot of which we planted two rows of strawberries both normal and woodland. In spring we use the intertwined branches of the willows as stakes for the climbing legumes. And there's so much more to see, hear, smell and touch!

Lunch at the farmhouse with products from the garden

During the visit we will show you all these cultivated areas and explain how we take care of them. At the end of the visit we will move to the farmhouse in Barolo to taste all the beautiful products that you have seen in the vegetable garden, depending on the season it will be possible to directly pick some vegetables and herbs to be able to eat them on the farm.

Below are the various options and their prices

visit with lunch to the adult farm 29,00 € (drinks included)

lunch includes: appetizer, first course, second course, dessert, a glass of white or red wine, water and coffee

visit with lunch to the farm for children under 10 € 18.00

the children's menu includes: appetizer, first course, dessert and water

By continuing to book you can indicate, for each participant, the type of menu you want: traditional, vegetarian or vegan and you can report any allergies.

Event Information

Event Date To be confirmed
Individual Price 45.00€
Location Sinergistic garden in La Morra