coming soon

As everything that has to blossom and that can’t wait to show its inner reality, so we of il Bosco delle Galline Volanti, we are looking forward to open the doors of the renovated historic family cellar in Barolo so you can experience our reality and you can discover what is inside… what a curiosity!

The renovated place is divided into three floors and holds two different agritourism realities. One, on the 2nd floor, is Casa Svizzera, a name derived from the south facade which presents the typical wood motif of the Swiss chalets. With the new rooms, Casa Svizzera will be able to host a larger number of tourists, who could discover the half of the 19th century atmosphere of Barolo, at the time of spouses Juliette Colbert and Carlo Tancredi Falletti, the lasts marquises of Barolo.
Instead, the other two floors belong to Il Bosco delle Galline Volanti.
On the ground floor will be the processing laboratory, where the products from our garden will become jams, pickles, in oil vegetables and a lot of others preparations that are based on tradition and then branch off in fanciful experimentations with our forgotten fruits, ancient and aromatic varieties which hide unexpected fragrances.
Near the laboratory there will be our shop where you could buy fresh products and transformed products. Over time we will try to put together with our products, some real treats from local farms to complete our range with cheeses, cold cuts and other specialties discovered indeed in little farms which work with very high quality standards.
The shop will be also dedicated to the morning breakfasts, prepared exactly by us, and upstairs will be developed a little soil museum where you could learn the secrets of the subsoil and the techniques of the synergistic garden… but we will reveal more later about this.
Additionally, we will propose to our guests some other activities directly linked to the Germano winery: you could have wine tastings (white and red wines, and among them you cannot miss the famous Barolo wine, and a special rosé wine 100% Nebbiolo grapes too) in combination with typical dishes from our Piedmontese tradition, prepared by Viviana Germano, and needless to say… with the vegetables from our synergistic garden!!
The fact is that our activities confirm the market trends in the agritourism sector: a constant growth in the sector, between new activities and sleeping accommodations, but especially a very pleasing news: the proprietresses have increased by 4% compared to 2017 and it has been calculated that to this day, more than one farm in three is managed by a woman. This also applies to us, Viviana Germano runs a project in which she has always believed and finally is coming true, so she can donate a lot of positive feelings to the people!
We’ll keep you updated about the opening day, stay tuned :)