3 anni di noi

Yes, dear friends, our farm Il Bosco delle Galline Volanti completes 3 years of activity! We are convinced that we have done a good job and persevering in pursuing our goals, we are about to open the new place that will host our location in Barolo and this seems to us an excellent opportunity to take stock of the situation.

So here we are, just three years from the beginning of the adventure of our vegetable garden, we are about to dive into a new adventure, the birthday of the farm corresponds to the first day we officially set foot in the new location where there is the shop, the processing/administration laboratory and the educational path of the Nhumus (a small museum dedicated to soil fertility, food and wine and local culture).
They were three intense and full of enthusiasm years in which we clashed with the difficulty of putting into practice the dictates of synergistic and more generally biological agriculture; not so much for effectiveness, because the most satisfying result was just to see that we manage to keep pathologies under control by helping the plants to be stronger and promoting biodiversity, as well as to be able to find the right formula suited to our context. The diversity of climate and terrain, combined with the variability of each year, makes it almost impossible to apply rules, it is much better to have a flexible and holistic approach, especially in the last few years when climate changes have made the wise rules of the past almost useless.
It has been three years in which we have discovered incredible realities and intertwined ties and collaborations with a lot of people and companies that we have recognized as similar to our way of interpreting ecology.
From the meetings with the happy degrowth group of Alba to the initiatives of Piemonte che Cambia, from Donne Impresa to Campagna Amica.
We have been promoters and also the means through which really interesting networks and projects have been developed, both here in Piedmont and in the rest of Italy, from Genoa with Tabacca in Rome with the Agricultural Research Center with which, as leader, we have won the first part of a European tender for several hundred thousand euros on the implementation of an innovative mulch based on semi-mature compost. We won a CRC development startup competition for an agrifood project in the social sphere.
And in all this we have developed our vegetable garden, adding many new species of aromatic and small fruits, we made our first ancient wheat harvest and we are in the process of sowing the ottofile corn.
The Bosco delle Galline Volanti team has been enriched by extraordinary people, with an incredible sensitivity and a great organizational capacity, first with Luigi Merlo and then with Dafne Nota.
And now, after more than 5 years of planning, we are finally opening the shop and the processing and administration laboratory, where we can exploit the fruit of all the work of the highest quality and great seriousness that is done in the garden. To fully support the quality of what we are going to offer to our customers in Barolo, we have set up a network of small family farms, called the right factors, of which we are the leader and which will supply the ingredients of all our delicacies, from the meat raised outdoors to the spring trouts, from the bread with ancient grains to organic honey etc.
It is therefore, with great pride and a lot of happiness, that I invite you to come and visit us, to savor a bit of that energy that brought us here, to share with us the result of years of hard work and dedication, to rejoice of a small part of the world that struggles to do its small part of good.